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How to Wash away Paint Stains from Fabric

Restoration Specialists

A specialty contractor for over four decades, Restoration Specialists of Florida serves clients in the cities of Brooksville, Gainesville, Lake City, Lecanto, Leesburg, and Ocala. Keen on providing home repair and restoration solutions for clients across North America, Restoration Specialists also shares on its website a number of cleaning tips, including suggestions for washing away paint stains from fabric.

Various types of paints are available. As a general rule, always use the solvent recommended on the label of the paint to thin paint stains.

With a paint stain, the sooner you address it, the better. The drier the paint, the harder it is to clean. For dry paint stains, start by softening them with glycerine. Then follow the treatment prescribed on the paint label. If the paint is oil-based or if it is the alkyd type, scrape off as much of it as you can before soaking what’s left in kerosene or turpentine. Afterward, wash normally.
For latex water-based paints, wash normally with water. These paints fade easily in water especially when fresh. If the stains are stubborn, wash away with methylated spirit. Don’t soak the entire stain in spirit at once, test a small portion first. If the paint washes away, proceed with the rest of the fabric.

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